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Time to Buy Tech! Check Out Ciena Corp.

Apr 11, 2019



Hi. I'm Stephen from Quantamize and I've got a great tech options trade that you're going to love. You're watching a Quantamize Options Update.

Today's trade idea is Ciena Corp. Ticker CIEN. It's a broadband communication supplier, and our idea here is a short put spread. Now, why are we thinking about a short put spread?

Ciena Corp was a top buy according to our models yesterday, one that we were telling people to buy, but applied volatility is in its 90th percentile.

Ciena Corp is trading in a blended forward 12 month PE that's a little bit below 20 times. In comparison, earnings growth is gonna be close to 40% over the same period.

Now, remember what we talked about last week. It's great to buy gross stocks when you can buy them at a discount. What does that mean? That means when the earnings growth is greater than what you're actually paying for the stock.

Our Quantamize models love Ciena Corp, so should you. This is an options trade you really need to look at.

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I'm Stephen from Quantamize and you were just watching an options trade update.